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School Psychologist

Summary Information:
Employer: Caldwell School District
Position Type: Administrative/Support
Categories: Psychologist
School / Org: Caldwell School District
Location: Caldwell, Idaho
FTE: Full-time
No. of Positions: 1
Salary: $34,600 - $48,202
Reference #: 2018-63
Posting Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2019
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

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Caldwell School District is seeking qualified applicants for the following position(s):

School Psychologist


To improve the school educational experience of those students with emotional and learning disabilities through a program of psychological diagnosis and therapy which would enable students to derive the fullest possible educational experience from school by promoting a sense of self.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Administers appropriate formal and informal individual tests in the area of intelligence and in other areas of assessment as deemed necessary by the Psychologist.
2. Summarizes, interprets and communicates assessment results in a meaningful, understandable way to all consumers (teachers, parents, students, administrators, ancillary personnel and other professionals).
3. Recommends and assists in the implementation of intervention strategies which are both compatible with the educatorís delivery system and of maximum help to the student.
4. Assists in the identification of exceptional children and students requiring special assistance.
5. Obtains necessary data via records, formal and informal assessment, teacher/parent/student input to play an active and knowledgeable part on the Child Study Team; involved in psychoeducational diagnoses; appropriate placement in the least restrictive environment; and remedial programming.
6. Educates all consumers regarding the special needs of exceptional children; provides support services to those involved with such students.
7. Keeps informed of current research and literature in the field of school psychology.
8. Assists teaches with data gathering techniques as a vehicle to stating goals and evaluating progress in behavioral terms.
9. Assists teachers, parents and other professional educators to establish a climate conducive to success and maximum learning
10. Is knowledgeable of and appropriately recommends remedial techniques, curriculum materials, activities and behavioral management systems to all consumers who deal with children.
11. Serves as a liaison with a wide variety of both school and community professionals and para-professionals to provide the maximum services to students.
12. Promotes self as a constant child advocate with the individual studentís best interests as the top priority.
13. Maintains and submits data for Medicaid billing.
14. Provides inservice training regarding learning and behavioral disabilities. This would involve disseminating information and teaching skills and/or techniques needed to implement remedial assistance.
15. Provides counseling to parents, families and students on either an individual or group basis. This may also include providing parent training classes.
16. Assists teachers, parents, administrators and ancillary personnel to increase their understanding of and ability to effectively deal with individual styles of learning, behavior and misbehavior. This includes assisting in creating an atmosphere conducive to maximum learning and personal growth.
17. Maintains case records on all referred students.
18. Prepared and submits required reports on students referred for psychological and special education services.
19. Attends staff, professional and interagency meetings.
20. Updates skills and knowledge by attending training and/or workshop sessions that are pertinent to the responsibilities of the profession.
21. Performs responsibilities under direction of the building administrator when working under the administratorís direction as the Child Study Team Chairperson.
22. Seeks out opportunities for professional growth.
23. Maintains high standards of ethical behavior and confidentiality of student information.
24. Has regular and predictable attendance.

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