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Head Custodian

Summary Information:
Employer: Caldwell School District
Position Type: Administrative/Support
Categories: Custodian Staff
School / Org: Caldwell School District
Location: Caldwell, Idaho
FTE: Full-time
No. of Positions: 1
Salary: $15.32 - $15.78 Per Hour
Reference #: 2018-120
Posting Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2019
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

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Caldwell School District is seeking qualified applicants for the following position(s):

Head Custodian

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Regulates heat and ventilation systems of schools, consistent with Principal directives under the guidelines of the District to ensure comfort and at the same time provides for the economical use of electricity and fuel.
2. Assigns, supervises, and inspects the work of the building’s custodial staff in tasks, including but not limited to the following: mopping, scrubbing, waxing, and polishing floors and furniture; washing windows; assembling, disassembling and moving furniture; sweeping and cleaning walks; removing snow in accordance with District policy; and keeping equipment and premises in a clean and orderly condition.
3. Trains all custodians in assigned school.
4. Participates in cleaning and custodial activities as necessary.
5. Makes minor repairs to the building, campus and equipment as may be needed.
6. Reports major repairs needed to the Building Principal and Custodial Foreman immediately upon discovery.
7. Keeps an accurate log of time spent by custodians in assigned area, and submits log in a timely manner as directed by the Custodial Foreman.
8. Coordinates the ordering of supplies and materials needed with the Custodial Foreman.
9. Provides for the safe working conditions for all custodial employees in assigned area.
10. Ensures the custodial areas are clean and uncluttered.
11. Updates and maintains:
a. records of amount and names of supplies used;
b. maps of campus, including square footage of areas cleaned;
c. listing of who is assigned to particular areas of the campus; and
d. other records as assigned by the Custodial Foreman.
12. Performs follow-up to monthly inspections provided by the Custodial Foreman in assigned school.
13. Provides for reasonable security of assigned school and campus.
14. Ensures the surroundings of building and campus are free from litter.
15. Ensures that the Building Principal is pleased with the custodial efforts in the assigned buildings and campus.
16. Strives constantly to promote the safety, health and comfort of students, guests, and employees of the school.
17. Maintains an adequate inventory of necessary tools and equipment as directed by Custodial Foreman.
18. Meets periodically as determined by the Head Custodian and Principal to review night-time and other activities that may occur within the school.
19. Notifies Custodial Foreman of any job vacancies in a timely manner.
20. Completes annual performance evaluations on custodial staff.
21. Checks building on weekends.
22. Conducts monthly fire drills and is knowledgeable of alarm systems and emergency shut offs.
23. Changes HVAC filters according to set schedules.
24. Completes other duties as assigned by Custodial Supervisor or Maintenance Supervisor
25. Maintains high standards of ethical behavior and confidentiality.
26. Has regular and predictable attendance.

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