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Summary Information:
Employer: Knox County Schools
Position Type: Administrative/Support
Categories: Principal
School / Org: Knox County Schools
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
FTE: 1
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: EAN
Posting Date: Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Closing Date: Wednesday, 08 August 2018

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Knox County Schools is seeking qualified applicants for the following position:

Principal 18/19

Location: Knox County Schools

Minimum Salary: $38,295.00

Job Summary - Principal: The Principal is responsible for all academic programs as well as the business and daily operations of the school. The principal carries out the policies defined by the Knox County Board of Education and, as the key representative of the school, bears the responsibilities of upholding the Knox County Schools’ standards and values at all times. Principal will lead school alignment with the district’s strategic plan, “Excellence for All Children.” Academic responsibilities of the principal include overseeing curriculum development and implementation, teacher professional development and evaluation, and program development and management. Other duties include coordinating use of facilities, timely communication with parents, full compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements, and responsibility for schoolbased human resource management. The Principal reports to the appropriate Executive Director of Elementary or Secondary Education and the Superintendent of Knox County Schools.

- Valid Tennessee professional educator license with an administrative endorsement.
- Master’s Degree or beyond in educational leadership/administration/supervision.
- Previous administrative and/or supervisory experience preferred but not required.
- Demonstrated record of performance that exceeds expectations.
- Technology acumen and proficiency including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, internet-based applications, typing
and word processing skills.
- Excellent communication skills and ability to articulate the vision and strategic mission the Knox County Schools and work collaboratively with teachers, parents, community leaders, higher education partners, and others to continuously improve instructional excellence.

Core Competencies: (Aligned with McREL’s Balanced Leadership Framework® of 21 Leadership Responsibilities.)

Personal Leadership
- Develops, articulates, and implements a vision of learning that includes high goals for student achievement and is shared and supported by the school community. Values, supports, and believes in high standards for all students across the spectrum of socio-economic demographics and academic potential.
- Holds self and others accountable for student learning. Demonstrates self-awareness and a commitment to continuous learning. Seeks out and acts upon performance feedback.
- Strategically aligns leadership behaviors with stated values and goals to drive required change. Develops strategic plan with effective solutions. Adapts appropriately to situation, audience, and needs. Communicates clearly and appropriately for the audience and message.
- Establishes and maintains a culture of integrity, fairness, and high ethical standards. Builds strong relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and empathy.
- Demonstrates emotional fortitude and perseveres in the face of obstacles. Innovative thinker with the capacity to develop creative and adaptive solutions that overcome objections and resistance.
- Actively seeks and uses new tools to extend student learning and relate to tangible, real-life applications.

Instructional Leadership
- Establishes systems that promote learning, collaboration, and communication throughout the school.
- Develops school culture and practices that rely on data to inform adult learning, professional development, and decision-making.
- Builds professional learning communities to nurture and sustain a school culture and instructional program conducive to accelerated student achievement. Regularly assesses student learning and ensures the provision of specific, timely feedback to teachers and students.
- Oversees all assessment programs including TCAP/EOC, EXPLORE/PLAN/ACT, ThinkLink, etc. Demonstrates ability to understand and analyze data from multiple sources. Uses data to identify student learning trends, set goals, monitor and modify instruction, and increase student achievement. Plans and implements appropriate program improvements.
- Aligns standards, curricula, instructional strategies, and assessment tools. Supports teachers in using effective instructional strategies to meet students’ diverse learning needs.
- Ensures that school meets all relevant academic benchmarks, including both Annual Measurable Objectives for achievement and school-wide TVAAS growth data.

Human Capital Management
- Selects highly effective teachers through robust screening and interviewing process and assists in recruitment.
- Improves classroom teaching by setting clear expectations and observing, coaching, and evaluating teachers and staff in accordance with the Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM). Obtains and maintains TEAM Observer certification through completing training and passing certification exam.
- Fosters teacher professional development through coaching and motivating. Stimulates and retains high performers, mentors early career teachers, challenges low performers to improve, and dismisses poor performers who do not improve. Initiates and engages in difficult conversations around continuous instructional improvement as necessary.
- Builds strong teams, develops leadership capacity among staff, and shares responsibilities appropriately. Recognizes, rewards, and celebrates hard work and outstanding results.
- Understands, supports, and promotes the Knox County Schools’ strategic compensation system, APEX.
- Supervises all professional, paraprofessional, administrative and non-professional personnel at the school.
- Understands and upholds all personnel policies as outlined by the Board of Education, as well as state and federal EEO provisions.

Family and Community Engagement
- Articulates the Knox County Schools’ mission and vision to the community and solicits support in accomplishing the mission. Works collaboratively with staff, parents, students, district administration, higher education partners, and community personnel in leading, developing, communicating, and implementing education-related activities and objectives.
- Listens effectively to families, students, and the school community. Considers and responds to the input of stakeholders in a timely fashion. Mobilizes community resources and assists with the recruiting, scheduling, and training of volunteers within the school.
- Works with guidance counselors, teachers, and other district staff to maintain a high level of youth development and student support services that align with academic goals, as dictated by student needs.
- Initiates publicity through press contact and communication with families, district administration, and other
stakeholders to market the school. Represents the school in public relations events, extracurricular activities, and team competitions, as applicable. Provides information to community, media and interested parties about the school, its programs, and progress toward goals.

School Operations and Administration
- Develops and implements systems and processes to ensure effective operations that support student learning in a safe environment and minimizes distractions/interruptions to instructional time.
- Allocates and manages budget, time, and other resources effectively in support of learning goals. Brings projects to successful completion.
- Responsible for the safety, maintenance and administration of the school. Plans and supervises safety drills and emergency programs in coordination with security and custodial staff.
- Oversees supervision of student transportation, conduct, discipline, attendance, records and reports with staff assistance.
- Oversees supervision and administration of extracurricular programs and school athletic programs with staff assistance, as applicable.

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