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Coordinator Curriculum: Assessments

Summary Information:
Employer: Fort Wayne Community Schools
Position Type: Administrative/Support
Categories: Curriculum Coordinator
School / Org: Fort Wayne Community Schools
Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
FTE: 1
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: EAN4600159540
Posting Date: Thursday, 30 August 2018
Closing Date: Friday, 28 September 2018

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Fort Wayne Community Schoolsis seeking qualified applicants for the following position(s):

Coordinator Curriculum: Assessments

Location: Chief Academic Office

Research, analyze and facilitate the development and implementation of assessments aligned to inform FWCS curriculum and instruction. Work with content area curriculum coordinators to ensure assessments developed are aligned with district curriculum and instruction. Review and create assessment items aligned to Indiana Standards, and/or national standards. Support functions in assigned curriculum area; develop, analyze and facilitate implementation of FWCS curriculum, assessments and instruction.

Support and facilitate district and school personnel to provide student performance data to inform the development of School Improvement Plans, teacher collaboration, and school data reports. Provide analysis, and synthesis of student performance data in collaboration with various groups. Use data to drive the School Improvement Plan and ensure teachers continuously improve their ability to provide instructional services to students resulting in increased student achievement.

Research, compile and verify appropriate student performance data and information. Compute statistical information for various reports. Prepare, process and analyze a variety of forms, applications and documents; duplicate, assemble, distribute, collect and verify accuracy and completeness of various documents.

Provide technical assistance to personnel, administrators and others concerning the administration, scoring, interpretation, analysis and reporting of District assessments; respond to inquiries and provide detailed and technical information concerning related data, standards, requirements, practices , techniques , regulations, policies and procedures.

Salary: $44,999.00 - $76,153.00

Additional Job Information:
1. Research, develop, organize and integrate content curriculum, assessments and instruction to guide educational service implementation; monitor, evaluate and adjust curriculum components in response to District and school data; assist with general department functions for the written, taught and tested District curriculum.

2. Facilitate the development and coordination of implementation plans that provide professional learning necessary to enhance faculty skills and understanding related to educational practices, instructional materials, unit design and lesson plan development, content standards, assessments and instructional strategies.

3. Facilitate and participate in the research and development of District curriculum and assessment plan; develop a cycle of continuous improvement to assess and evaluate curriculum, assessment and instruction effectiveness; modify curriculum based on data; facilitate leading FWCS in identifying and implementing benchmarked student achievement standards for curriculum in assigned area.

4. Participate in the research, collection, processing and reporting of student performance and assessment data; assist in the review, analysis and interpretation of student test scores and performance data to determine educational effectiveness and student achievement related to FWCS and school programs, operations and instructional activities.

5. Collaborate successfully with cross-departmental teams including Assistant Superintendents' office, District and Lead Instructional Coaches with monitoring and evaluating school and classroom assessment data.

6. Provide consultation and technical assistance to school faculty, administrators and others concerning assessment development, implementation and analysis; respond to inquiries and provide detailed and technical information concerning related services, standards, requirements, principles, practices, techniques, laws, codes, regulations, initiatives, policies, procedures and necessary assessment information.

7. Research, design, develop, implement and facilitate professional learning for faculty and administrators concerning assessment development, implementation and analysis
as directed; prepare and deliver oral presentations and explain related principles, theories, standards, guidelines, requirements, practices, procedures and techniques.

8. Research, analyze and implement recommendations from international, national, State and local content area organizations concerning curriculum, assessment and instructional models; assist with implementing curriculum standards and instructional strategies and selecting instructional materials.

9. Monitor and evaluate the educational effectiveness of curriculum as indicated by assessment data; coordinate, develop and implement strategies and professional learning activities to enhance educational effectiveness and student learning related to assigned curriculum area in FWCS.

10. Provide pacing recommendations for assigned content areas and assist schools and teachers in using curriculum learning designs.

11. Manage and participate in the formatting, development and printing of assessment test answer sheets; compile, assemble, sort and package testing materials for distribution to school sites; collect, process, assemble and package completed testing materials for shipment to scoring services in accordance with established specifications.

12. Research, identify and support the implementation of the FWCS assessment process; monitor and make recommendations for modifying FWCS assessment tools and processes; monitor assessment data in state-tested content areas; support District personnel in evaluating and utilizing assessment data in guiding curriculum and instruction decisions and strategies.

13. Serve as a liaison and coordinate communications, activities and information related to assessment development and analysis between FWCS administrators, faculty, personnel, schools, outside organizations and the public; establish, support, facilitate and maintain partnerships.

14. Provide technical support for approved curriculum development initiatives generated by schools in assigned content areas and approve technology requests that are appropriate instructional supports.

15. Maintain current knowledge of educational methods, practices and standards related to assessment trends, best practices and related laws, codes, regulations, policies and procedures; assist schools with modifying services to assure compliance with standards and requirements. Support schools with the on-going development and implementation of their school improvement plans. Support teachers on target support plans when applicable.

16. Compile, review and analyze a variety of technical data and information related to assigned curriculum area; prepare and maintain a variety of narrative and statistical records, reports and files related to curriculum areas, programs, evaluation and assigned activities .

17. Collaborate with Assistant Superintendent and Level Directors to coordinate site and classroom visits to monitor educational activities and provide guidance concerning effective implementation of written, taught and tested District curriculum.

18. Serve as a team member in the Department of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction and provide support to school building personnel through the development, review and revision of FWCS Curriculum and resources based on IDOE requirements, student needs and teacher feedback.

19. Perform related duties as assigned by the Administrator to meet the particular needs of the building/unit.

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