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School Nurse

Summary Information:
Employer: Laramie County School District #1
Position Type: Administrative/Support
Categories: RN (Registered Nurse)
School / Org: Henderson Elementary
Location: Cheyenne,, Wyoming
FTE: 1
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: EANPOS20180904000001
Posting Date: Tuesday, 11 September 2018
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

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Laramie County School District is seeking qualified applicants for the following position(s):

3/5 Time School Nurse (1-Position)

Location: Henderson Elementary


3/5 Time
Minimum Base Salary: $48,420.00 + Benefits (Pro-Rated for 3/5 Time)

Position Summary: The job of School Nurse was established for the purpose/s of overseeing the individual health needs of students; implementing health care plans directed by health care professionals as appropriate; ensuring district health care practices comply with the laws relating to student health issues; providing appropriate immediate care for ill, medically fragile and/or injured students; and serving as health care resource to teachers, staff, and administrators; and conducting mandated health screenings and identify health problems for referral to appropriate parties for proper follow up treatment.

This job reports to the Building Principal.

Essential Functions:
Administers recommended screenings (e.g. vision, dental, hearing, back/scoliosis, height and weight, etc.) for the purpose of referring medical conditions and/or providing appropriate care for ill, medically fragile and/or injured children.

Assesses situations involving students' safety, abuse (physical, sexual, drug, etc.) and other health issues for the purpose of identifying problems, referring for proper treatment and complying with legal requirements.

Collaborates with parents, students, health care providers, and/or public agencies for the purpose of promoting and/or securing student health services, providing information and complying with legal requirements.

Conducts and addresses age appropritate programs and/or activities in conjunction with classroom curriculum (e.g. health education, nutritional workshops, emotional environment of school, etc.) for the purpose of supporting established lesson plans.

Cooperates in the identification of students in need of additional assistance (e.g. visually, physically, and other impaired students, participates as the health expert on IEP and 504 teams, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring students educational needs are met in a healthy school environment.

Develops individual student care plans for the purpose of addressing students' health needs, providing direction to site personnel and/or implementing directions provided by parents and/or physicians.

Directs student health services (e.g. establishing or revising school and District health policies, providing and promoting nursing as a career as appropriate, disseminating information, assessing the physical environment of the shcool, implementing precautions for bloon borne pathogens and other infectious diseases, training staff, planning for emergencies and disasters, etc.) for the purpose of prioritizing project activities, ensuring utilization of personnel in compliance with site requirements, assuring health care needs are met, promoting a healthy school environment, and meeting recommended requirements.

Maintains contact, as confidentiality laws permit, with parents/guardians for the purpose of advising them of significant changes in student health and/or recommending furthur medical and/or emotional intervention.

Maintains student's confidential files and records (e.g. health care plans, agency referrals, accident reports, medication logs, screening information, etc.) for the purpose of providing information required by legal requirements and professional standards.

Monitors immunizations, assures appropriate exclusion from school and reentry into school for the purpose of ensuring a safe and healthy school environment.

Monitors students referred for illness and/or injury and students with chronic illnesses for the purpose of attending to their immediate health care concerns, initiating follow-up care and assisting the child in achieving the highest possible functional level.

Participates in a variety of meetings, workshops and seminars, and interdisciplinary terms for the purpose of gathering, conveying and/or sharing information on students health needs, service delivery, and educational programs; and/or improving skills and knowledge.

Prepares a wide variety of written materials ( e.g. quantity reports, student services, correspondence, internal audits, core plans, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference, and/or conveying information.

Provides direct health care to students and staff for the purpose of providing a healthy school environment.

Provides training or serves a resource on a variety of health related subjects (e.g. disaster preparedness, child abuse, health education, mediation management, policies and procedures, substance abuse, growth and development, food allergies, etc.) for the purpose of promoting a healthy lifestyle and/or acting as a resource to students, teachers, and other school personnel.

Refers students requiring additional medical attention for the purpose of providing required follow-up treatment and services.

Reports health and safety issues to assigned administrator and appropriate agencies (e.g. fights, suspected child or substance abuse, contagious diseases, etc.) for the purpose of maintaing students personal safety, a positibe learning environment and complying with regulatory requirements and established guidelines.

Researches a variety of topics relating to health and medical care (e.g. wellness, nutrition, treatment protocols, childhood diseases, current state and federal codes laws, and regulations pertaining to student health care, etc.) for the purpose of providing information to staff, students, parents, and the public.

Responds to emergency medical situations (e.g. severe falls, prescription reactions, bleeding, acute student health problems, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring appropriate immediate medical attention and related follow-up action.

Responsible for medication administration, first aid, and specialized medical treatments that are within the scope of nurings practices and/or are ordered by and appropriately licensed health care provider for the purpose of providing appropriate care for ill, medically fragile, and/or injured children.

Other Functions: Performs other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.

Experience: Job related experience with increasing levels of responsibilities is desired.

Education: Bachelors degree in job related area.

Certificates and Licenses:
Appropriate Wyoming State Department of Education Permit;

Healthcare Provider CPR Certificate and Registered Nurse License for the Wyoming Board of Nursing

Continuing Education / Training: As required by PTSB and Wyoming State Board of Nursing

Clearances: Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance

Required Certificate(s):
(One or more are required to qualify for this position.)

Bachelors Degree in job related area

Required Endorsement(s):
(One or more are required to qualify for this position.)

SNR School Nurse K-12

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