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Instructional Coach

Summary Information:
Employer: Knox County Schools
Position Type: Teaching
Categories: Coaching
Lead Teacher/Dept. Head
School / Org: Karns High
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
FTE: 1
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: EAN
Posting Date: Tuesday, 11 September 2018
Closing Date: Friday, 30 November 2018

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Knox County Schools is seeking qualified applicants for the following position:

Instructional Coach

Location: Karns High

Minimum Salary: $38,295.00-$56,583.00

Job Summary - High School Instructional Coach: The Instructional Coach will support teachers in the implementation of research-based instructional strategies. The Coach will work directly with teachers in schools to provided classroom demonstrations in rigorous standards-based teaching. He/she will provide collaborative and one-on-one instructional coaching and will facilitate teacher inquiry and related professional development. The Coach will work with administrators and teachers to align their work with district priorities. He/she will lead data sessions that look at both formative and summative assessment results; suggest and monitor intervention strategies and materials for students. The Coach will focus on enhancing teachersí abilities to provide instruction that builds studentsí understanding of content knowledge and application, is academically rigorous, addresses the curriculum standards, and enhances studentsí engagement and ownership of their learning. In addition, as a member of a professional coaching community, the Instructional Coach will participate in professional development and inquiry into his or her own practice, and perform system-wide duties as assigned. The Instructional Coach will work closely with the Curriculum Principal

Reports to: Curriculum Principal and Title I Supervisor

1. Valid Tennessee Teaching license and appropriate certification required
2. Highly qualified in area of endorsement
3. Endorsement in a Core Curriculum Area (English, Mathematics, Science or Social Studies)
4. Masterís Degree (preferred)
5. Three to five years teaching experience
6. Extensive knowledge of the content and methodology of core content area
7. Experience using assessment results to shape instruction.
8. Knowledge of successful techniques for classroom organization and experience planning for effective instruction.
9. Ability to share proven instructional approaches with teachers and administrators and interpersonal skills to provide advice and coaching.
10. Strong organizational skills, strategic planning skills and efficiency in meeting deadlines.
11. Meet all qualifications for teacher personnel as outlined in the Knox County Policy Handbook (Qualifications and Duties of Teachers, section GBBA).
12. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable.

Essential Function / Job Duties:
1. Oversee planning, facilitation, and follow-up of Professional Learning Community meetings during professional growth blocks
2. Team-teach with colleagues, demonstrate model lessons, and develop and help implement curriculum
3. Observe and provide peer assistance and coaching towards meeting teachersí Individual Growth Plan goals
4. Model research-based instructional approaches and collaborate with the teacher to determine those approaches that best meet the studentsí needs.
5. Coach the teacher as he/she implements changes in instructional approaches and provide feedback to the teacher.
6. Provide ongoing professional development to teachers in a school-based setting.
7. Assist teachers in aligning their teaching with appropriate standards, curriculum and assessments.
8. Provide assessment support to teachers through collaborative analysis of student work and formal and informal assessments.
9. Assist teachers with integrating literacy practices into their content instruction.
10. Monitor the progress of struggling students and offer suggestions for intervention to meet studentsí reading needs.
11. Facilitate inquiry groups among teachers where current research and writing on effective literacy practice is read and discussed.
12. Support the administrator and leadership team in the creation of the schoolís professional development plan with specific, measurable and attainable benchmarks for teacher and student performance.
13. Participate fully in professional development for coaches, including peer observations, professional research and reading, and inquiry sessions.
14. Establish and maintain satisfactory, respectful working relationships within the school environment.
15. Perform other duties as assigned.

Contract Length: 205 Days

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