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Substitute Teacher

Summary Information:
Employer: Knox County Schools
Position Type: Teaching
Categories: Substitute
School / Org: Knox County Schools
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
FTE: 1
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: EAN
Posting Date: Tuesday, 11 September 2018
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

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Knox County Schools is seeking qualified applicants for the following position:

Substitute Teacher

Location: Knox County Schools

Job Summary - Substitute: Substitutes are those who fill temporary vacancies created when teachers, teaching assistants or secretaries are absent or on leave from the workplace. All substitutes shall be employed and paid by the Board.

• High School Diploma (or GED)
• Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable

Essential Function / Job Duties:
• Report to Principal/Supervisor
• Substitute teachers with a valid teaching license will be indicated on the substitute list. For planned absences, a substitute with a teacher’s certificate shall be selected from the preferred list if possible. Each principal shall be provided names of all approved substitute teachers
• All teacher aides, secretaries and clerks are approved substitute teachers for use in emergency situations. Emergency use shall be defined as less than a full day due to the regular or substitute teacher being unable to arrive on time or remain for the full day
• All Substitutes shall be responsible for providing correct addresses and phone numbers and for notifying the Human Resources Department in writing if they wish to terminate their service as substitutes
• When a teacher is unable to meet classes for any reason, the following procedures shall be observed:
1. The teacher shall notify the principal as soon as possible
2. The principal or designee shall secure a qualified substitute teacher as soon as possible
3. The regular teacher shall notify the principal the day before intending to return to the classroom; upon receipt of notice the principal shall notify the substitute teacher
• Substitute teachers shall assume the same responsibilities and have the same authority as the regular teacher, including bus duty and playground supervision
• When substituting for a regular teacher who has been absent for twenty (20) consecutive days, a substitute teacher must possess a teaching certificate with endorsement in the discipline(s) to be taught. This type of substitute shall be certified and paid according to the state salary schedule.
• Employees drawing TCRS retirement may substitute one hundred and twenty (120) days per calendar year without loss of state retirement benefits. They must be retired for 60 days before they return to work.
• All educational assistants, secretaries and clerks are approved substitute teachers for use in emergency situations. Emergency use shall be defined as less than a full day due to the regular or substitute teacher being unable to arrive on time or remain for the full day.
• Such substitutes shall receive the proportionate equivalent salary regular substitute teachers would receive under similar circumstances or their regular salary, if higher; however, they shall not receive pay for both positions at the same time.
• In order to make the work of the substitute teacher as satisfactory as possible, the regular teacher shall make available:
1. Daily schedule (academic and supervisory)
2. Class rolls
3. Lesson plans and other information for the day’s activities. In case of emergency when plans are not provided, the principal should be made aware of the situation. The substitute will be provided with lesson plans for the day.
• All substitute teachers will be given a copy of the local school’s guidelines on the first day they substitute in the school. These guidelines shall contain, but shall not be limited to:
1. Attendance procedures
2. Lunchroom schedule and procedures
3. Procedures for supervising student behavior
4. Names and assignments of regular staff members
5. Emergency evacuation procedures
6. Other helpful information particular to the local school
• The Superintendent or designee, with input from the principals, shall determine which substitute teachers performed at an acceptable level. Substitute teachers who performed below an acceptable level shall not be recommended for continuing service.
• Establish and maintain satisfactory, respectful working relationships within the school environment
• Perform other duties as assigned

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