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Substitute Teacher / Substitute Paraeducator / Substitute Clerical

Summary Information:
Employer: Fayette County Public Schools
Position Type: Teaching
Categories: Substitute
School / Org: Fayette County Public Schools
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
FTE: 1
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: EAN6693
Posting Date: Wednesday, 14 August 2019
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

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Fayette County Public Schools is seeking qualified applicants for the following position(s):

Substitute Teacher / Substitute Paraeducator / Substitute Clerical

Location: Its About Kids Support Services

Description - Substitute Teacher: To enable each child to pursue his/her education as smoothly and completely as possible in the absence of the regular classroom teacher or paraeducator.

Job Summary:
- Reports to the building principal or school secretary upon arrival at the school building.
- Reviews with the principal, department head, or team leader all plans and schedules to be followed during the teaching day.
- Maintains as fully as possible the established routines and procedures of the school and classroom to which he is assigned.
- Teaches the lesson outlined and described in a lesson plan book prepared by the absent teacher.
- Consults, as appropriate, with the building principal, department head, or team leader before initiating any teaching or other procedures not specified in the absent teacherís lesson plan.
- Assumes responsibility for overseeing pupil behavior in class and during lunch and recess periods.
- Reports in writing with notes left for the absent teacher the assignments made and comments regarding student behavior.
- Follows all policies, rules, and procedures to which regular teachers are subject and which good teaching practice dictates. Refer to SUBSTITUTE TEACHER HANDBOOK for specific guidance.
- Performs other duties as assigned by building principal.

- 64 College Credit Hours with 2.5 GPA or higher required

Job Summary - Substitute Clerical:
- High School Diploma or GED required
- In order to fill long term placements, a score of 75% or higher is required on the clerical assessments (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Bookkeeper)

Job Summary - Substitute Paraeducator:
Tutor individuals or small groups of students, reinforcing and implementing instruction as directed by the teacher; maintain records of student progress. Participate as member of an instructional team including remediation teams; develop appropriate relationships with parents and team members; serve as a resource person to the student personnel evaluation team if required. Transport students to and from activities and assist in preparation as required. Prepare and organize lessons as directed by the teacher; administer and score a variety of tests according to established guidelines; assist in determining English proficiency of identified students. Assist in administering diagnostic and other tests; score and record test information; read, understand and assist in implementing, recording and monitoring student's IEP as necessary. Monitor and report behavior of students according to approved procedures; report progress regarding student performance and behavior; check and assist students with lab work as necessary. Perform routine clerical duties such as preparation of instructional and classroom materials; operate copy machines; maintain classroom records; maintain attendance records. Provide support to the teacher by setting up work areas, displays and exhibits, operating audio-visual equipment, operating educational training equipment and distributing and collecting paper and supplies. Assist in overseeing students while in labs or other activities; provide for supplies inventory as necessary. Assist students in such physical tasks as putting on and taking off of outer wear, moving from room to room, using the lavatory and others; assist student in getting on and off the bus. Assist students by providing proper examples, emotional support, a friendly attitude and general guidance. Confer, as needed, with teachers concerning programs and materials to meet student needs. Contact parents of students who are absent; make home visits as necessary. Assure the health and safety of students by following health and safety practices and regulations. Direct group activities of students as assigned; assist in monitoring lunchroom and playground activities as assigned; assist in emergency drills, assemblies, play periods and field trips. Participate in meetings and in-service training programs as assigned. Perform related duties as assigned.

- High School Diploma or GED required
- In order to fill long term placements, a minimum of 48 college credit hours or successful completion of the Kentucky Paraeducator's Assessment is required.

Basic subjects taught in the District schools, including arithmetic, grammar, spelling, language and reading. Safe practices in classroom and playground activities. Correct English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary. Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy. Basic record-keeping techniques.

Learn child guidance principles and practices. Communicate and maintain effective relationships with students, parents, staff and the public including members of ethnic communities. Perform routine clerical duties in support of classroom activities. Print and write legibly. Add, subtract, multiply and divide quickly and accurately. Understand and follow oral and written directions. Learn procedures, functions and limitations of assigned duties. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Learn to apply and explain policies and procedures related to school and program activities. Work cooperatively with others. Monitor, observe and report students behavior according to approved policies and procedures. Operate instructional and office equipment.

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