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Title I Teacher Assistant - Kindergarten

Summary Information:
Employer: Norman Public Schools
Position Type: Administrative/Support
Categories: Teacher Assistant - Elem.
School / Org: Lincoln Elementary School
Location: Norman, Oklahoma
FTE: 1
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: EAN: 4600008606
Posting Date: Thursday, 11 June 2020
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

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Title: Title I Teacher Assistant - Kindergarten

Education: All teacher assistants must be highly qualified under the No Child Left Behind provision.

High school, GED or equivalent experience is required in lieu of high school degree.
- Have an associate degree
- Have 2 years of post secondary education, or
- Be a high school graduate and pass the OGET test

Training or Experience Required: Previous work or volunteer experience with elementary age students preferred.

Job Goal (Purpose of Position): Perform entry level to semi-skilled level duties under general supervision to assist the Reading Lab Teacher provide reading skills to disadvantaged students.

An incumbent in this position will follow generally standardized operating policies and procedures. On occasion will have to interpret policies and procedures and follow predetermined solutions established by higher level supervision or operating procedures.

Contact with Others: An incumbent in this position has little to no regular public contact other than with members of own staff or district. Minimal interpersonal interaction or communication is required outside of the specific classroom environment.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Assist with instruction and activities for individuals or for groups as assigned by Reading Lab Teacher. Assist with drill work activity such as reading aloud, flash cards and sight words. Escort students to and from lab. Participate in daily and long range classroom activity planning.
2. Prepare, create, and/or adapt instructional materials as directed by teacher. Assist students with assignments. Set up and operate equipment and/or assists students in operating instructional audio-visual equipment.
3. Serve as chief source of information and assistance for substitute teachers.
4. Check notebooks, correct papers and supervises make-up work. Grade student work; record grades; complete necessary paperwork in class. Check and record student attendance. Maintain other individual records of students. Complete and prepare correspondence such as notes to parents, forms and other documents.
5. Perform housekeeping duties with classroom to ensure it is neat and clean.
6. Keep bulletin boards up to date and sets up special displays of student's work.
7. Assist in inventory of instructional supplies and equipment at end of school year. Receive and store supplies and equipment.
8. Assist with monitoring and maintaining acceptable student behaviors. Assist in maintaining communication with parents of students.
9. Operate photocopier, laminator, duplicator, apple IIe computer, overhead projector, alphator, etc.
10. Perform playground, hallroom, and cafeteria duties as needed.
11. Perform other duties as assigned.
12. May perform duties associated with Bus Monitor on the evening route. See duties associated with that position for additional information.

Supervision exercised: An incumbent does not supervise.
Physical/Mental Requirements and Working Conditions:
Other than those physical/mental requirements included within the essential functions: Must be able to communicate on the radio and telephone.

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