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Substitute Special Education Instructional Aide

Summary Information:
Employer: Carson City Schools
Position Type: Administrative/Support
Categories: Special Education Assistants
School / Org: Carson City Schools
Location: Carson City, Nevada
FTE: Part-Time
No. of Positions: 1
Salary: $11.03 - $11.03 / Per Hour
Reference #: 5342
Posting Date: Sunday, 17 May 2020
Closing Date: Wednesday, 17 June 2020

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Carson City Schools is seeking applicants for the following position(s):

Substitute Special Education Instructional Aide

Position ID#:

LICENSE:Valid Nevada Substitute Teaching License

SALARY & BENEFITS: Hourly rate of $11.03 with no benefits. Employee works on an on-call basis only. Bilingual preferred.

Must be able to pass the pre-employment drug screen, physical, and lift test.

General Job Description:

Under supervision, to assist teachers in classroom operations; to instruct students in special education who have severe and multiple disabilities; performs routine clerical duties; and to perform related work as required.

Experience or training required:

Knowledge of: Child development and behavior of students with severe mental and physical disabilities; physical therapy for the orthopedically and neurologically impaired; special classroom safety, sanitation and laundry procedures; elements of student behavior control; personal hygiene and mental health practices; ambulatory equipment; record keeping techniques; basic first aid.

Ability to: Communicate with students who have limited ability to communicate; learn to teach students who have special learning needs; recognize emotional and physical changes in students with disabilities; recognize oncoming seizures in students having epilepsy; maintain emotional control under difficult situations; recognize hazards to safety; perform basic first aid, as needed; perform routine clerical work; maintain routine records accurately; operate a vehicle observing legal and defensive driving practices; understand and carry out oral and written instructions; establish and maintain effective proactive relationships with those contacted in the course of work. Any combination of training, education, and experience, which demonstrates an ability to perform the duties of the position: Graduation from high school or the equivalent. A typical qualifying entrance background is completion of formal or informal training in child development, physical therapy or a closely related field; and experience performing the work of an instructional aide in a special education program for disabled students; or experience at or equivalent to experience as an Instructional Assistant III for the Carson City School District, wherein the incumbent has acquired the knowledge and abilities listed above.

Licenses or Certificates required:

Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent certificate, a valid driverís license issued by the state of residence, and an original Social Security Card. Possession of a current first aid certificate may be required.

The Job Functions:

Positions in this class are established principally to assist teacher or other support personnel in special education by independently working with students having severe physical, developmental, neurological and mental disabilities. Incumbents must be highly trained in specialized areas of care of students with severe disabilities, and must assist students with fundamental body functions, such as eating, moving and eliminating. The emphasis of this class is to maximize a studentís potential. This class is distinguished from that of Instructional Assistant III by the type of care, the knowledge of severe physical and mental disabilities and the responsibility for the safety of students having mobility limitations that require the incumbent to be specially trained in orthopedic and neurologic assistance. Learns the behavior characteristics of each student with severe disabilities, including the special nature of the disability, techniques for coping with the disability, potential safety hazards of the disability and the best methods to teach while accommodating the disability; cooperates with teachers and resource specialists, such as speech or physical therapists, to teach students to become as independent as possible by teaching them to perform such activities as sitting, communicating, eating, walking, manipulating objects and moving around independently in their environment; administers first aid; performs such routine tasks as diaper changing, toileting, lifting students from one place to another; arranging furniture and supplies; feeds students in conjunction with teaching them to hold a cup, swallow, chew, tolerate various textures, identify foods, reach and grasp, and feed themselves; positions and repositions students to stimulate development or relieve or prevent improper pressure; teaches students to crawl, walk, climb, grasp, throw, bend or sit; teaches students to control random movements; teaches students to communicate orally and in other ways; patterns studentsí arms and legs; establishes methods for teaching gross and fine motor skills; assists in vesicular movement activities; carries out an adaptive physical education program; prepares foods for eating; moves students in and out of wheelchairs and braces; sings and plays simple games with students; changes studentsí garments; supervises buttoning and zipping of clothes; performs routine clerical work; maintains various records and logs; duplicates materials; communicates with parents and support personnel; and performs related work as required.

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