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School Counselor

Summary Information:
Employer: Oshkosh Area School District
Position Type: Administrative/Support
Categories: Counselor
School / Org: Carl Traeger Middle School
Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin
FTE: 1
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: 86390
Posting Date: Monday, 29 June 2020
Closing Date: Monday, 27 July 2020

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Oshkosh Area School District is seeking qualified applicant for the following position(s):

School Counselor

Start Date: 08/23/2020

1. Provide counseling to students through individual, small group, and classroom developmental guidance experiences in order to assist students to:
a. Gain the most from school.
b. Understand their feelings and behavior.
c. Learn to make decisions.
d. Recognize their strengths and limitations.
e. Work and play with others.
f. Understand adults.
g. Learn about the world of work.
h. Develop skills in communicating with others.
i. Make appropriate transition into school, between schools, and into Grade 6.
2. Develop educational strategies to meet the needs of individual students with special needs by:
a. Providing crisis counseling as needed—abuse, neglect, divorce, death, domestic violence, step-family adjustment, etc.
b. Advising at-risk students and their parents in ways intended to increase success in school.
c. Assisting gifted/talented students in ways, which encourage achievement commensurate with ability.
d. Provide information to families about community resources.
3. Initiate and carry out activities after the beginning of the school year to assist students in adjusting to the new school environment.
4. Develop educational strategies with school psychologists, EEN staff, social service workers, mental health specialists, and school health personnel for individual pupils who have been referred, including:
a. Providing information for referral purposes to principals and teachers whenever appropriate.
b. Participating in M-team staffings whenever appropriate.
c. Providing follow-up work based on diagnosis and recommendations of M-teams.
5. Inform staff, parents, and students about standardized testing programs and interpretation of results.
Counseling and Collaborating Functions
6. Promote positive attitudes about, and awareness of the guidance program, within the community and school. Maintain regular interaction with community agencies such as social services, domestic abuse shelter, private counseling agencies, sexual abuse services, and drug and alcohol education programs for the purpose of coordinating programs and services offered to students and their families.
7. Provide individual parents and parent groups with information about educational opportunities, curriculum, and school expectations in order to:
a. Develop communication skills.
b. Develop an understanding of developmental growth stages.
c. Understand consequences of misbehavior.
d. Develop abilities to use coping behavior/skills (valuing, decision-making, relationships, etc.)
8. Assist fifth grade students in preparing for the transition from elementary school to middle school.
9. Assist with programs on topics such as death, divorce, abuse, chemical dependency, protective behaviors, and suicide prevention.
10. Ensure informed educational and career planning for all students.
11. Plan and deliver a team approach to providing guidance activities in the classroom by:
a. Providing resources to teachers upon request and as determined necessary.
b. Assisting teachers to develop classroom guidance units based on identified needs.
c. Assisting teachers in utilizing preventive and remedial techniques to foster positive behavioral development.
d. Initiating and participating in parent conferences.
e. Assisting teachers (via classroom demonstrations, cassette tapes, meetings, printed materials, etc.)
f. Assisting teachers in integrating guidance concepts within curricular areas.
g. Assisting teachers in creating an atmosphere in the classroom where feelings can be discussed openly.
h. Making classroom observations of specific children.
12. Develop a network of community referral agencies to provide services to individual pupils who have an evidenced need by:
a. Serving as liaison with the home.
b. Serving as a liaison with other community agencies.
13. Provide for all students a systematic K-12 competency-based guidance program focused on learning, personal/social, and career/vocational needs.
14. Coordinate programs that use school/community partnerships to create an awareness of the world of work.
15. Increase general awareness of children’s developmental needs.
16. Continually refine and develop a guidance program that will meet the needs of all students.
17. Ensure through individual or classroom-based programs that developmental tasks will be addressed for all students.
18. Perform such other duties as may be determined by the administrative staff within parameters of the master agreement, Board of Education policies, state statutes, and administrative rules.

1. School Counselor License (966).
2. A master’s degree from an accredited university with a major in school counseling and guidance or a master’s degree with at least 30 semester credits in an approved school counseling and guidance program and the institutional endorsement.
3. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

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