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Elementary Music Teacher

Summary Information:
Employer: Springfield Public Schools
Position Type: Teaching
Categories: Music (General)
School / Org: Thurston Elementary School
Location: Springfield , Oregon
FTE: 0.9
No. of Positions: 1
Posting Date: Sunday, 18 October 2020
Closing Date: Tuesday, 17 November 2020

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Springfield Public Schools is seeking applications for the following position:

Elementary Music Teacher

Springfield Public Schools seeks outstanding candidates for the position of full time Temporary Preschool Teacher for the Preschool Promise Program at Maple Elementary School. The primary purpose of this position is the instruction and supervision of a diverse group of students keeping within the law, board policies, and administrative regulations. A primary focus is the establishment of a positive learning environment that promotes a high level of achievement for all students while considering the background and developmental level of the individual student. Instruction and supervision include student guidance, classroom management, and knowledge in subject areas taught and District and state standards. This is demonstrated by appropriate curriculum design, instructional practices, and student progress assessment.

Knowledge, Skill and Abilities:
• Ability to apply Early Childhood Development theory in daily activities, and adapt to the individual needs of children
• Significant decision and problem solving abilities
• Ability to work as a team member collaborating with staff, families and community resources
• Ability to maintain respectful relations and communication with staff, families, children and community
• Ability to supervise preschool children and ensure a safe environment
• Provide a developmentally appropriate emergent preschool curriculum for all children enrolled in the program
• In addition, this position requires the ability to communicate effectively with co-workers, children and their parents from diverse backgrounds and cultures

Duties & Responsibilities:
• Supervise and monitor children at all times and respond appropriately to crisis or emergency situations that may occur
• Coordinate with support staff when indicated, developing a collaborative approach that benefits all children in the classroom
• Develop and utilize integrated curriculum plans which reflect mandated elements and components, familial and cultural influences, and promote the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development
• Establish a positive classroom climate and ensure an inclusive, non-bias environment
• Prepare children for kindergarten by introducing concepts they will explore further in kindergarten and elementary school in a positive and effective way
• Follow a consistent schedule with a curriculum that targets different areas of child development, such as small and large group experiences, choice time, music and movement, large and small motor activities, skill development, meals and effective transitions between activities
• Encourage activities of experimentation, exploration, problem solving, socialization, and choice-making
• Keep records of the student’s progress, routines and interests and keep parents informed about their child’s development
• Communication with parents and team members on phone, in person and in writing; in meetings and staff meetings

Other required qualifications:
• Ability to work collaboratively with community preschool teaching partners
• Ability to work harmoniously preschool-aged children
• Ability to explain and present ideas, orally and in writing, to others in a clear manner; ability to communicate effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures
• Ability to perform basic record keeping tasks
• Basic knowledge of specialized education or early childhood development

Minimum Qualifications:
• Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in Child Development, Early Childhood or related field; prefer a teaching license and three years of experience supervising or leading the work of other staff members; experience using child development assessment tools and reporting results
• Position is subject to criminal background check and possible finger printing
• Within 30 days of employment must be Pediatric CPR & First Aid certified and have a current Food Handlers card

Working Conditions:
• Requires ability to bend, lift up to 50 pounds and sit on the floor on a daily basis; requires occasional travel by walking with students. Work environment may include high noise and activity levels and frequent exposure to childhood illnesses
• Ability to move quickly in order to respond to children who are very active and may need redirection or restraint in order to ensure their safety or the safety of others in the environment

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