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Kindergarten Teacher

Summary Information:
Employer: Indian Prairie School District 204
Position Type: Teaching
Categories: Kindergarten
School / Org: Welch Elementary School
Location: Aurora, Illinois
FTE: see details
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: 11302
Posting Date: Sunday, 06 June 2021
Closing Date: Thursday, 08 July 2021

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Indian Prairie School District 204 is seeking qualified applicants for the following position(s):

Kindergarten Teacher

Description: Perform functions to instruct students on established curriculum ensuring each individual is provided with the knowledge, proficiencies and experiences necessary to become successful contributing citizens in an ever-changing world.

Job Summary:
1. Plan and instruct students on District and state standards aligned curriculum.
2. Develop lesson plans and goals that meet District expectations.
3. Enrich or modify lessons, curriculum, materials and resources as needed to meet individual student's needs and varying levels of progress.
4. Conduct formal and informal assessments to evaluate student progress. Administer standardized assessments as directed. Interpret student assessment data for application of instructional methods and monitoring of student progress.
5. Review student progress via assessments, maintain records of student work, and develop intervention strategies to ensure student success and growth.
6. Communicate both verbally and in writing with parents and students on progress.
7. Meet regularly and work collaboratively with other grade level or departmental teachers and support teachers to plan instruction across classrooms and to incorporate lessons across subjects.
8. Meet regularly with support teachers, teacher assistants and specialists to discuss individual student's modifications or adaptations, ongoing learning issues, interventions or problems. Work collaboratively to ensure individual student's needs met.
9. Assign work, instructions or lessons to student teachers and/or volunteers. Assess work, modify and provide regular feedback.
10. Actively participate on various building and District teams or committees. Provide feedback and act as liaison to other building staff.
11. Set clear expectations for class and manage classroom and school environment applying positive behavior supports and interventions as needed.
12. Collaborate with other staff in planning, modifying, enhancing and implementing curriculum and school and district objectives.
13. Establish a safe atmosphere conducive to a positive learning environment. Act as role model by encouraging appropriate behaviors that lead to social, emotional and physical development.
14. Enforce and support school policies, philosophies and objectives with students and parents.
15. Participate in staff development and school improvement activities in order to maintain professional growth. Plan and incorporate best practices or new strategies.
16. Participate in events outside of the regularly scheduled work day such as orientation, open houses or conferences.
Perform other related duties as assigned.


The qualified candidate will have a valid Illinois Professional Educator License with a K-9 self-contained endorsement.

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