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Math Teacher-Grade 7

Summary Information:
Employer: Volusia County Schools
Position Type: Teaching
Categories: Math
School / Org: Volusia County Schools
Location: Florida
FTE: 1
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: 3700181882
Posting Date: Friday, 22 October 2021
Closing Date: Friday, 17 December 2021

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Volusia County Schools invites applications for the following position:

Grade 7 Math Teacher

Location: River Springs Middle School

Position Goal:

To work diligently and conscientiously in the role of instructional personnel to help students meet or exceed annual learning goals, to meet state and local achievement requirements, and to master the skills required to graduate from high school prepared for post-secondary education and work.

Required Qualifications:

Bachelorís Degree in an educational field or the equivalent as defined by Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 6A-1.0503

Hold or is eligible to hold a valid Florida Educator Certificate or equivalent as defined by FAC 6A-1.0503

Required Skills:

Demonstrates competence in administrative and supervisory requirements (FAC 6B-5.003)
Demonstrates competence in the techniques to analyze the needs and potential of individuals (FAC 6B-5.004)
Demonstrates competence in instructional procedures (FAC 6B-5.005)
Demonstrates competence in communication skills (FAC 6B-5.006)
Demonstrates competence in student management techniques (FAC 6B-5.007)
Demonstrates knowledge within the area of specialization to a degree consistent with the educatorís professional
preparation (FAC 6B-5.008)
Demonstrates competence in the techniques used to evaluate learning and goal achievement (FAC 6B-5.009)
Demonstrates competence in human and interpersonal relations skills (FAC 6B-5.010)
Demonstrate the ability to engage in physical activity appropriate to the required task, except for temporary disability
(FAC 6B-5.011)
Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively to accomplish the required task (FAC 6B-5.011)
Ability to exhibit appropriate control of emotions (FAC 6B-5.011)
Ability to perform required tasks with sufficient intellectual ability (FAC 6B-5.011)
Ability to attend staff meetings and in-service training as needed

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