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2023-24 Secondary Teacher--Title 1 Math

Summary Information:
Employer: Jefferson Parish Schools
Position Type: Teaching
Categories: Math
Title I
School / Org: West Jefferson High
Location: Marrero, Louisiana
FTE: 1
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: 25835
Posting Date: Thursday, 08 February 2024
Closing Date: Saturday, 09 March 2024

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Jefferson Parish Schools invites applications for the following position:

2023-24 Secondary Teacher--Title 1 Math

Bachelor's Degree
Valid Teaching Certificate or
Eligible for a Practitioner's License as confirmed by a local university

Promote the mental, physical, emotional and social growth of any student assigned.

1. Uses available instructional materials and a variety of techniques in providing opportunities for student achievement and development.
2. Demonstrates knowledge and application of appropriate developmental practices for young children.
3. Keeps accurate, neat records including class lists, attendance, health records, roll book, report cards, and permanent folders.
4. Maintains an attractive classroom, reporting unsafe conditions when repairs are needed.
5. Develops and implements proper classroom management techniques.
6. Completes reports, assignments and records in a timely fashion.
7. Collects lunch and/or activity monies as may be necessary.
8. Plans and prepares for classes, submitting lesson plans weekly.
9. Reports regularly and punctually to assigned work locations.
10. Reports promptly for all assigned duties.
11. Notifies the principal or designated person of impending absence.
12. Supplies substitutes with adequate plans and materials.
13. Maintains properly the books and equipment assigned to the class.
14. Becomes knowledgeable about methods, programs, curriculum guides, procedure bulletins, and available resources in the system.
15. Uses a variety of methods for diagnosis and/or placement purposes.
16. Exhibits self-control and decorum for student emulation.
17. Provides for individual differences.
18. Continually evaluates student progress and plan with student needs in mind.
19. Cooperates with school-based and central office personnel.
20. Encourages parent to be informed of the student's progress and needs.
21. Demonstrates evidence of professional growth, participates in inservice training and contributes to faculty meetings and/or
faculty studies.
22. Conforms to Louisiana laws concerning the education, health, safety and welfare of assigned students.
23. Assists in the development and implementation of quality education in Jefferson Parish Public Schools.
24. Plans for and actively participates in the evaluation process.
25. Performs all other duties assigned by the principal.

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